Facebook Cover Photos – Package of Two Images

 Facebook Cover Photos   Package of Two Images

Put Your Best Face Forward on Facebook!

The rollout of Facebook’s Timeline feature comes with many new features — among them, the Facebook cover photo. This photo spans the entire width of the profile page, and enables users a much larger canvas in which they can feature a photo or graphic to  represent their interests, products, services or brand.

In addition to the featured image, you can create a slideshow effect by uploading multiple cover photos, and alternate them as you wish. Your choices are limited only by your imagination!

Facebook has made cover images available to both individual and brand users – but there are certain restrictions as to what items can be included in those cover images that BRANDS are using.

Paired with the ability to “subscribe” to profiles, the Facebook cover photo can become a valuable promotional tool — one that showcases your most popular services, your recently published book, a favorite quote, client testimonials, and more. Those who are interested in following you can subscribe to receive your updates, without you having to add them as a friend. No more dreaded friendship limits!

You’ll see a selection of sample images at the right — your image will be sent you to ready to upload into your profile, and start working for you!

“Thanks to Traci, I’m showing my prettiest face on the new Facebook Timeline! I can’t decide which one of these custom-designed gorgeous sparkly images to put first because they’re all perfect!”
- Monette Satterfield, Shiny Designs

What Will You Need to Make my Cover Photos?

Ideally if you have photos or graphics that you wish to include, that would be great. Things like your company logo or graphic of your book can be used as well. Images should be provided in the largest format you have available, and in PNG format (transparent) if available. Of course, if you don’t have these types of files available, I’ll work with you to find suitable royalty free images (additional fees may apply).

It’s All About You!

Snag your very own professionally designed images and make an incredible first impression with the new Facebook Timeline. You’ll easily grab the spotlight with your very own mesmerizing collection of personalized graphics that introduce your interests and expertise to friends and colleagues, both old and new.

You’ll have trouble choosing your favorite from the artfully designed images created to showcase your personality. Don’t wait – this is a special limited time offer for a set of (2) images at the irresistible price of just $49!

Order Your Facebook Cover Images – Just $49

 Facebook Cover Photos   Package of Two Images

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