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Measuring Social Media Influence

...  for folks to pursue ruthless ambition to succeed online. Blogging isn't a major financial draw for most people, but “getting rich blogging” is certainly a goal that shines bright on far too many people's ...

Small Businesses Make Big Impact with Savvy Tech Tools

...  to consider: Twitter ( microblogging site, in which updates consist of no more than 140 characters, has ...

Is Your Blog on Life Support?

...  -- that is the blog success trifecta. Whether you are blogging about modern medicine or miniature dogs -- you'll find an audience if ...

What’s the Good Word: Choosing Relevant Keywords

...  Ebook in 21 Days or Less Essential Ghostwriting Guide Blogging for Profits Video Series#sspf{position:absolute;clip:rect(491px,auto, ...

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There is no question why I do what I do. I genuinely enjoy it, and it makes me happy. There is something uniquely rewarding (and dare I say thrilling) about being able to take an image in your mind and breathe life into it. It's quite similar to the moment that Gene Wilder exclaims, "it's alive!" in Young Frankenstein...just without the squirrely hair. Learn more about Traci